Why do you call yourself Lazy Eight?

When we founded the company our initial plan was to have our domain name be: ∞.in (yup unicode domains exist, check out ∞.com). Unfortunately .in TLDs don’t support unicode so either it was going to be infinity designs or Lazy Eight, which is another name for the infinity symbol. The former sounded lame so we stuck to Lazy Eight.

Who founded Lazy Eight?

Lazy Eight was founded in 2016 by Nav Chatterji as a UIUX design agency. Since then we have grown our services to include branding, copy writing, packaging, print design and development. As of 2020 Lazy Eight became a part of Sanscubicle where we are working on changing the way India looks into the future of work.

Where are you located?

Technically we have an office in New Delhi. But no one sits out of there and we use it mainly for incorporation formalities and snail mail. Our team is actually distributed all over India. More on this later but for now you can see where all our team members are located here.

Is it true that Lazy Eight has only a single designation for its employees?

Yup. We are a flat organization consisting of who we believe are some of India’s finest creatives. We simply refer to them as Principals and they are designated with their own hex code and color.

Why are Lazy Eight Principals referred to with hex colors vs. names?

Internally we call it the “Don Draper” principle. We believe that no one person in an agency is larger than the agency.

Is it true that Lazy Eight is fully remote?

Yup. From day one we have been fully remote. Initially people thought we were crazy. But once 2020 rolled by and the new normal became obvious, we don’t get blank stares any more. Our Principals are allowed to work from wherever they find comfortable / draw inspiration. We are also an asynchronous organisation. What that essentially means is that if a Principal prefers working at night they can, we don’t have a fixed 9am - 5pm. That was sooo 2010s :p

Would you say Lazy Eight is one of the top creative agencies in India?

We hate pedestals. Especially pay to play directories and design awards, hence we don’t partake in those. We believe we are good at what we do and have a track record to prove it. What we strive for on a day to day basis is to make sure we take care of our team, that they are happy and delivering at optimal levels … the rest seems to then fall in place :)

I’m a potential client and have some questions.

Great! Click right here, we have curated a set of FAQs that we think can help.

I’m interested in applying to join Lazy Eight, I had a question.

Only one? Kidding. Click here, we have put together a few FAQs regarding our hiring process, etc.

You guys are awesome.

Ok that wasn’t a question. But we think you are awesomer. Ok that wasn’t a word either so we’re even :)


What are your services?

We are a design agency. We specialize in branding, packaging, print, web uiux and app uiux design.

Does Lazy Eight do website and app development?

At Lazy Eight we focus on design. But our sister company Hec2m focuses on web and app development. We often work with them on web and mobile development projects with our existing clients.

Hec2M specialises in:

  1. Websites and Web Applications: Front end, back end (with HTML, CSS, JS, NodeJS, Ruby, WordPress, ReactJS, AngularJS, Python & PHP)

  2. Mobile Applications: iOS (Swift & Objective-C), Android, React Native

  3. Ecommerce: Magento, Shopify, WooCommerce

  4. Emerging Tech : Blockchain, AR, Image Recognition, AI, ML, GPT-3 ...

Does Lazy Eight do digital marketing?

At Lazy Eight we focus on design. But our sister company Dhasoo focuses on digital marketing. We often work with them on digital marketing engagements with our existing clients to make sure there is brand coherence.

Dhasoo specialises in:

  1. Social Media management

  2. Community Management (Blog / Newsletter / Content)

  3. SEO

  4. Perfomance Marketing

Do you specialise in any industry?

We have always been industry and size agnostic when it came to working with clients. From Startups to large Conglomerates, IT to Retail, Fashion to F&B, Finance to Real Estate, we have worked with a wide range of companies. B2B, B2C and D2C are all within our wheelhouse.

Do you work with startups?

We absolutely love working with startups. We believe startups help define new design trends and product thinking due to their ability to be open to experimentation and trying new things.

I’m a startup and I don’t think we can afford Lazy Eight.

Please don’t hesitate to reach out. In the past we have invested in or worked out creative ways to still be able to work with the startups in exchange for our services.

Will you Pitch for a project?


Do you have any rate card?

We do not follow the conventional agency model of rate cards.

How do you price a project?

We use data, we love data - Nutella level love. We have a bot we have built in house that helps keep a track of how long a Principal takes to do a particular task. Over the years we have been gathering this data. Today if a project estimate is required our system simply generates a proposal based on historical data gathered from comparable projects.

What is a Lazy Eight hour?

This is a proprietary method we have developed to measure work. Our system measures the actual execution work that goes into wrapping up a task. We have developed an in-house bot that helps measure this. We call it Aath (Hindi for 8). To learn more about Aath click here

How much does a Lazy Eight hour cost?

Again, we use data to determine this on a quarterly basis. We use net utility averages of our Principals from the previous months to determine this. Once this is calculated it’s applied as a flat hourly rate across all our services.

Tell me more about this bot, or Aath.

Aath (hindi for 8) is to Lazy Eight, what Jarvis is to Iron Man. Aath is a bot we have built in house that sits on our Slack workspace and functions like a supervisor, monitoring project hours run by Principals and sending out weekly and monthly reports to Engagement Principals. It also has a wicked sense of humor :). To learn more about Aath click here

Who is an Engagement Principal?

Your day to day project manager. His/ her job is to make sure all timelines are being managed and general coordination of the project.

How large are the Engagement teams?

Since we are only Principals, the staffed teams are smaller than conventional agencies. Each Principal leads a particular head of the engagement. We believe in lesser chefs in the kitchen :)

What is your typical design process?

From a high level our process is broken into the following phases: Immersion, Execution, Delivery and Assessment.

What is your billing model?

We have a simple utility like billing model. We bill our clients 40 hours at a time. At the end of the engagement if there are any hours left in the account they can either use those for another project, retain them for later or request a refund. Easy peasy.

I would like to work with Lazy Eight. What are the next steps?

Simply click here or on the Become A Client section and fill out the form. A team member will reach out to you to schedule an intro call during which we will better understand your requirements and answer any questions regarding Lazy Eight and our processes. Within 1 business day of that call you will receive your proposal.

What are the steps involved in client onboarding and how long does it take?

As soon as the project scope is confirmed and the proposal accepted by you, our frontend team loops in the backoffice / accounts team. They initiate the onboarding process, which includes:

  1. Signing of a Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA)

  2. Signing of a Engagement Contract

  3. Sending out Invoice 1 for 40 hours.

Steps 1 and 2 are done digitally on a legal platform named Eversign. This saves a lot of time. A draft copy of the contract is also shared prior for your team to review and suggest edits. As soon as Invoice 1 is paid off, the Engagement team takes over the next steps.

What is a project kick-off call? How do we schedule it?

As soon as your team is onboarded on the project (see previous question), your EM reaches out to you announcing a project kick-off call. This is more like a project orientation. You get to know our team and our Principals get introduced to yours. The scope of the project is laid down for both the teams and we also take you through some basic processes that we follow during project execution.

What is a project immersion? Is it necessary for us to have one?

You know your brand and your industry pretty well. It is not necessary that our Principals would be acquainted the same way. The immersion is a very basic research process that is done at the start of any engagement for us to know your product/service, your target audience and your competitors, before deep diving into the project. Say for a branding project we would like to know more about your preferences with respect to the colours, the voice and tone, the type of logo, etc. While, for a UIUX project, we would like to understand how you visualise your user journey, what all should be the user touchpoints and how do you wish to engage them on your app or website.

What are the deliverables at the end of a branding project?

At the end of the branding project, you will get a brand guideline which would define your brand, the colour palette, the typography, a brand message and various collateral designs as a part of standard and custom extensions. You will also receive all open assets (raw files) on a Dropbox link.

In what formats will I be getting the final branding assets?

Generally you should get the brand logos as a png, a high-res PDF and a vector (adobe illustrator). However, if you require the logos in any other format - SVG, TIFF, you may request for the same and our Branding Principal would love to share them as well. Other assets like a letterhead, business card, etc. are shared as mocked-up jpgs and in adobe illustrator (raw format) for printing purposes. For packaging, we also share files with die-cut marks, helping the printer to cut/fold along the markings.

What is User Experience (UX)?

User Experience, commonly referred to as UX, is a term used to describe the experience that a user has while interacting with a product or service. In the world of website or app designing, it’s all about how a user experiences and engages while visiting a website or mobile app. The ultimate goal being - to make the user feel wow and get him to come back or refer others to try out the product.

What is UX Research?

Let us ask you a question. What do you look for when you invest in a car? Comfort, mileage, safety and quality of build, features and accessories - these are probably some of the most common elements that many of you would think at the back of your mind. Companies invest a lot of time and money in figuring out the needs of their end users before launching a new model in the market. The same thing happens for a website or a mobile app. These are digital products which would be used by your users. It is extremely important for designers to understand who your users are, what are their preferences, their behaviours and emotions the entire process of finding out the most effective product solution comes under UX Research.

How is UX Design different from UI Design?

Many of our clients have often come back to us asking this question. While UX defines the overall experience or functionality of your product, UI are the design elements that help make these experiences better and more intuitive. UI Design covers the overall aesthetics - the look and feel, the text sizes and placement, images and graphics. In short, it defines your brand’s personality.

We need a clickable prototype, before moving ahead with development. How can you help us?

We can provide you with a clickable prototype on any one of the following prototyping tools: Marvel, Invision, Principle or AdobeXD. This will give you an opportunity to experience the user journey as in a live app or website. Once you are happy, you can proceed to development.

For a UI/UX design exercise, in what format do we get the final files?

We will hand over to you the final files in raw format (eg. PSD) or AdobeXD, Figma, Sketch links. We also use Zeplin to export assets out to development teams if requested.

Can you share HTML, CSS files as well?


What is Front-end Development?

In software development parlance, front-end development is the process of creating HTML, CSS and JavaScript that helps your users interact with your website. In simple words, when you visit a website, what you see there has all been codified using front-end development.

How long does it take to design a website or app?

The timeline for a website or app design project is dependent on the scope of work. When you speak with our frontdesk team, they will understand your requirements and would accordingly send out an estimate with the timeline and pricing. You could need a one page website or a 100 page website - the timeline would vary accordingly.

Did we miss anything?

Please feel free to email us at with any other question you might have.


What is the structure of Lazy Eight?

We are a flat organisation. The only title we have is Principal. Each of the Principals on Lazy Eight are some of the brightest creative and development minds we have come across in India.

How can I apply to be a Principal?

Simply click here and fill out the form. Typically our Principals have 5+ years of experience. It’s also best to be nominated by an existing Principal. 90% of our current Principals have been nominated by other Principals.

Apart from the experience, are there any other criteria to become a Principal?

Though unconventional, when we are assessing candidates we typically ignore the following:

  • Where the candidate went to school / college.

  • Candidate’s work history.

  • Candidate’s Sex, Race, Sexuality [fill]

  • Candidate’s Awards / Accolades

I don’t have 5+ years of experience. Can I still apply?

Yes. If you think your work is up to par please apply. We have brought on Principals with lesser experience simply due to their spectacular portfolio and willingness to grow with us.

Does Lazy Eight have Internship Programs?

Unfortunately no.

Where is the Lazy Eight office?

You can choose ;) We are a fully remote organisation. Our Principals are distributed all over India.

Can I work on other freelance projects as a Principal?

Yup. We in fact encourage our Principals to work on other projects on the side (as long as there is no direct conflict with a live engagement).

How is work life balance at Lazy Eight?

Ok. This is a doozy. We limit our Principals to 60 Lazy Eight hours of work per month. Yup, you heard that right 60 hours of work. We believe that there are other things in life outside of work. Our Principals spend this additional time either learning something new, freelancing or working on startups out of Sanscubicle Labs.

What is Sanscubicle Labs?

A place where Principals from all the Sanscubicle brands come together to work on projects / their own startup companies.

Is it true that Lazy Eight shares profits with all it’s employees?

Yup. Since all the members of Lazy Eight are called Principals, there are no partners. Hence profits are shared across through a fund we have aptly named the Sloth Fund.

I’m a developer, can I apply to Lazy Eight?

You should check out Hec2m, our sister company :)

I’m looking for a career in digital marketing , can I apply to Lazy Eight?

You should check out Dhasoo, our sister company :)

Did we miss anything?

Please feel free to email us at with any other question you might have.