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Lazy Eight

Building the new Lazy Eight brand identity, collaterals and website was a blast. We figured it would make the most sense to drink our own kool aid and complete the entire exercise as if it were a client engagement. We were keen on staying true to our original identity, while reinventing the Lazy Eight aesthetic with a new clean and minimal approach. For this exercise we focussed on branding, brand collaterals, uiux, development and social media content.

248 Hours
14 Weeks
  • No awards
"For this exercise we wanted to take a very minimal approach that brings out what we do differently, but maintains a level of quirk."#3399ff
  • lazy eight logo breakdown
  • lazy eight fonts barlow
  • lazy eight poster design
  • lazy eight poster design
  • Lazy Eight visual collateral.
  • Lazy Eight visual collateral.
  • lazy eight uiux design index
  • lazy eight about uiux design

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