We've been
looking for you.

  • We are refreshingly different.

    • Our Principals can work from wherever.
    • All our Principals get a piece of the profits. - hello utopia.
    • Yay stipends. Gym, knowledge, beer and high fives.
    • Anti-lock down. Want to freelance on the side, go for it.
    • Have your own idea. You get to jam on it.
    • Highest % of per/hour compensation in this vertical (period).
  • Benefits

    • A "Sans Cubicle" benefit. i.e a stipend to work from anywhere
    • ... or to save it for some RNR time on a beach
    • A Gym benefit. A Lazy eight we are a healthy bunch.
    • A traveler benefit (Uber / Ola). Driving in Indian traffic blows.
    • A "Gyaan" benefit. Up to Rs. 50,000 / year to learn something new.
    • 16 hour committed work weeks, yes you heard that right.
  • What we don’t care about.

    • Where you went to school / college
    • Where you worked previously.
    • Where you live.
    • Your sex or sexual orientation.
    • Your age.
    • Your awards, Dribbble followers or your Crypto Kitties collection.
  • What we care about.

    • Great, inspired work.
    • Discipline in work, in fun.
    • Empathy
    • Willingness to learn.
    • Confidence in your work.
    • That you are not an asshole.
  • Some Questions.
    Choose one (none are wrong).

  • Last few months
    what’s kept you busy?

  • Just a line or two about what you have been up to work wise, project wise, passion wise ... etc
  • Your ideal role
    we have a few (choose one)

  • A single link
    of why you are fit for this role.

  • Please enter a link here to your portfolio, linkedin or something magical.
  • Your email
    for the good news of course.